HANAKO GOLD NANO (99.9% Oure Gold)TREATMENT (60 MINs)   

< Deep pore enzyme cleaning. (clean pores and improves the texture and clarify)

v  A non aggressive peeling by gentle brush removes dead cells and dirt from skin surface and actives the skin metabolism.

v  Foaming cream normalizes the skin moisture balance and relieves tension.

v  Facial massage in HANAKO style. (actives the skin metabolism and blood circulation)

v  Ionized steam opens the pores removing black heads. White heads and impurities and improves the skin condition removing toxins.

v  Suctions are used for deep cleaning grease deposits accumulate in the pores relieving aging scores and wrinkles

v  Collagen gold NANO mask (99.9% Pure Gold)

v  HANAKO bio-active eye gel. (revitalizes your eyes diminishes dark circles)

v  A refreshing HANAKO nourishing treatment. (leaves the skin youthful and balance)

v  A free, Neck and Shoulder massage relieves tensions.











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